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Yoga and Fitness

Fitness Training and Yoga Training  Via VIDEO

Fitness Appointments are designed to help you achieve desired results in exercise wellness, and include the following services: 

•  Individualized program design
    •  Information and support for nutritional, healthy eating habits
      •  Fitness Routines for use at the Gym, at Home or for Travel 

Yoga, ('union' in Sanskrit), represents a harmonious balancing of one's body movements; yoga can aid the healing process, promote general wellness, and offer cross-training benefits for athletes-in-training. Yoga sessions offer dynamic, personalized instruction and feature core stabilization, strength and aerobic training. Individual sessions and class instruction are available by appointment and are available at your home/hotel or in my studio:  Go to www.MyVitality.Life to learn about yoga, massage, and meditation program offerings in the Coachella Valley.
Sessions can be made by appointment in a private studio or at your home/hotel - Sessions combine the elements of classic yoga poses and can feature complementary partner work in balance, pose, strength, and in breath.

YogahhSSage Sessions Now Available!  
Enjoy a spirited hour of yoga, and then relax with a healing hour of conscious, focused bodywork. A two-hour treat! Contact me at healing@tgpraxis.net for more information.

Group sessions

Naked Partner OUTdoor Yoga Picnics for Men, Saturdays, 2-6 pm,
Autumn, SF Bay Area, CA
Enjoy the mindful, meditative benefits of yoga, free from the restrictions of clothing in a tranquil, garden setting in the SF Bay Area. Men are invited to join in two conscious, consensual sessions of breath, strength, and balance on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The first session will feature asanas, focusing on balance and breath.  After a water break, the second session will feature partner yoga and group balancing exercises. Sessions offered in the San Francisco Bay Area regularly in the Spring and Fall each year.$35 suggested donation for the two sessions.Bring a yoga mat, a towel, water, a snack to share, and your enthusiasm! RSVPs essential to secure a space.  Address given upon confirmation.Email:  healing@tgpraxis.net   Phone:  760.676.9832   415.505.8980 cel/text

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