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Healing Massage and Bodywork

The therapeutic benefits of massage have been enjoyed for millennia; Chinese, Tibetan and Greek healers cultivated and celebrated the benefits of touch therapy in ancient prose and art. Modern clinical studies now reinforce the important benefits of massage for:

• Relaxation and stress management
• Muscle repair after athletic training/exertion
• Immune system enhancement

Massage service modalities include:

* Swedish (long, flowing, relaxing strokes)
* Deep Tissue (more focused, pressure work to alleviate discomfort)
* Sports Massage (support recovery after athletic exertion and enhance muscle repair)
* Pain Relief (relieve effects repetitive stress or chronic discomfort)
* Reiki (ancient energy work)
* Ecstatic energy work (embodied somatic healing)

YogahhSSage Sessions Now Available!

Enjoy an energetic hour of Yoga, and then relax with a healing hour of conscious,focused bodywork. A two-hour treat! Call for special rates and discounts: 760/676.9832 or text
415.505.8980. Email: healing@tgpraxis.net.

Massage Training sessions also available. Learn how to give touch in a healing, conscious
manner.  A customized program can be created for singles, couples.

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